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Well-being & Mindfulness Classes

Definition. Mindfulness (mʌɪn(d)f(ʊ)lnəs). Noun

  1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.

                     "their mindfulness of the wider cinematic tradition"

        2. a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.


It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The early morning commute, work life stress and the ever increasing digital distractions. Although at times your life may feel like a juggling act, it’s important to make time for, and take care of your well-being.

In recent years, it seems the awareness and general popularity of practicing mindfulness has skyrocketed, maybe due to increased work/life balance pressures of the modern world.

There are a host of benefits as to why being more mindful is beneficial for both your physical and mental health:

  • Reduction in needless stress
  • Lowered anxiety levels
  • Increased clarity in thinking and perception
  • Sharpened concentration skills
  • Increased emotion regulation
  • Increased self-control
  • Reduced blood pressure

Below are Farnol’s mindfulness and wellness class recommendations, including retreats in and around London. From meditation and yoga, to sound healing and deep relaxation, there’s something to get you back on the road to wellness.

Bhuti |‘The Eco Hub’

Bhuti - the new eco well-being hub located in Richmond offers mindfulness classes and workshops aimed at recalibrating the hectic London mindset. Bhuti offers a diverse range of practices including yoga, Pilates, spa days and treatments, to wind down and focus the mind. Bhuti’s mindfulness classes are hosted by The Times and Huffington post recognised mindfulness experts, so you know you’re in good hands.

TW10 6UB


The Mindfulness Project | ‘The London Oasis’

Nestled on the second floor of an eighteenth-century townhouse in the serene Fitzroy Square is The Mindfulness Project. The Project is a platform for individuals to share mindful thinking, supported by a team of experts. Meditation and mindfulness practice is at the core of their philosophy, in addition to focusing the mind on the present rather than obsessing over thoughts about the future or past. The Mindfulness Project offer an evidence-based eight week stress reduction course which is great for new starters.


Inner Space | ‘The Lunchtime Escape’

Break up your day and escape to one of Inner Space’s London locations for a spot of lunchtime meditation. These mindfulness classes are suitable for both beginners and more experienced individuals and offer a variety of sessions focused on improving self-esteem, relaxation, and positive thinking.



London Buddhist Centre | ‘The Buddhist Experience’

The London Buddhist Centre is the home of meditation, mindfulness, yoga… and Buddhism of course. One of their principles is to teach these practices so they can be freely integrated into contemporary living. If you fancy escaping the smoke for a while, the Buddhist Centre also offer a range of retreats at Vajrasana, a modern Buddhist haven burrowed in the tranquil Suffolk countryside.

E2 0HU


The Refinery | ‘The Gong Bath’

Try something new and join original Kundalini teacher Leo for an afternoon of sound healing and deep relaxation. The benefits of gong baths are well publicised from relieving stress, to connecting with yourself on a deeper, more emotional level. The holistic practice is held every Sunday from 15:00-16:30.

E9 6SG

Satvada Retreats | ‘The Norfolk manor house’

If you’re looking for more than a mindfulness class, Satvada Retreats based in the picturesque Norfolk countryside might be the one. The weekend retreats are hosted in a charming English manor house with private bedrooms and the schedule involves exploring a variety of mindfulness practices drawn from yoga. Close your laptop, turn off your phone and indulge in a weekend of relaxation, meditation, and mindfulness in beautiful surroundings. If you fancy escaping the UK to warmer climates, Satvada also host mindfulness weekends in Morocco and Croatia.

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